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We have a great ending to year 2017! This year we have 3 new AKC Champions, CH Allure Infinity, CH Allure Elegance and CH Allure Sumthin’ To Talk About. We also had 4 dogs received CHIC number. CHIC is for dogs who have completed and passed ALL breed-specific health testing. Here is to new achievements in the New Year 2018!!

















About us


Our small family of miniature poodles located in Minneapolis/St.-Paul, Minnesota.


We are proud to participate in AKC conformation events. Please check back for our show news!


As a scientist with a PhD degree in Genetics, I am, the owner of the Allure Poodles, putting all of my  knowledge and experience into our breeding program. The goal is to keep the integrity of the breed by breeding quality poodles with great conformation, loving and calm temperaments all along the lines of the AKC standard. We are breeding for quality not quantity.


We are specializing in black and white colors only. All of our dogs are tested for genetic diseases and thus we provide a health guarantee against hereditary defects in puppies we breed.


We do not have a large number of litters because we want to focus on each puppy to the fullest. Our miniature poodle puppies are raised with a lot of love and attention.


You are welcome to e-mail us with any questions you might have or leave a comment in our guest book. Thank you.

  Owner of Allure Poodles








Doodles, A—poos or any 'Designer" or cross breeds.

In our belief, conscience, and dedication to the sport of purebred dogs, we cannot be a part of granting breeding rights or a stud service to anyone who is likely to use the dog to create mixed breed puppies, or mutts.

That would be undoing over 100 years of work of breeders worldwide. If it wasn't for their careful breeding selections, goals, hard work &  heartaches, then we would not have the recognizable dog breeds that we do today.

In our opinion, the first generation crosses, which  some seem to prefer to title “designer dogs”, are actually a mixed breed, a mutt. We do not provide a stud service or would sell a dog or a puppy to anyone involved in generating mixed breeds. If anyone is interested in "Designer" dogs or  half poodle mixes then check your local shelter first.

We are interested in upholding the quality of the poodle breed by the standards written in the American Kennel Club and the Poodle Club Of America. Until and unless special arrangements are made with us and a written contract is signed granting participation in AKC conformation events and the breeding rights only following finished championship title, all pups will have to be neutered/spayed and only limited registration will be provided.


If You learn that anyone uses a dog obtained from us in any breeding without our explicit written permission, please contact us and also notify local authorities immediately. Contact us



All content on this site, including but not limited to photographs, forms, written text and graphics are copyrighted and cannot be duplicated or reproduced without the express written permission of the Allure Poodles owner

Text Box: Latest Updates

We have 2 NEW CHAMPIONS!! Mara (CH Allure Elegance) and Sam (CH Allure Sumthin’ To Talk About) finished with Majors on the same weekend at Duluth KC shows!

Sam  goes Winners Dog/Best of Winners and Best Puppy in Variety for 3 points Majors at 2 shows in one day!!!

Sam  went Best of Winners/Best of Opposite Sex for 2 more points!!!

What a win! On his second weekend out, Sam  who just turned 7 month old, went Best of Variety, Group-3 and Owner-Handled Group 2!!!

Sam went Winners Dog, Best of Opposite Sex and Best of Winners at his very first show!

Allure Infinity went Best of Winners/Winners Bitch for 5 points Major and finished her AKC CH title with style!

Great weekend at Land O’Lakes Kennel Club shows:
Allure Infinity went Best of Winners/Winners Bitch for 4 points Major and  the next day Allure Elegance went Winners Bitch for 2 more points

Nice Steps Gallant Allure,  aka Daisy, is a new International Champion!


Allure Infinity  goes  Group-1 at two International shows and finishes her  International Champion title!

Allure Infinity  went Winners Bitch/Best of Opposite Sex at  Des Moines Kennel Club show

Allure Infinity  goes Winners Bitch/Best of Variety at  St. Croix Valley  and Marshfield Area Kennel Clubs shows

Another win for Allure Infinity  who went Winners Bitch and Best Puppy in Variety at  Anoka County Minnesota Kennel Club show

Allure Elegance goes Winners Bitch/Best of Variety and Allure Infinity goes Reserve Winners at the Paper Cities Kennel Club show, Rothschild, WI

Allure Elegance places Group-2 and Group-3 on two days at the International dog show in Hutchinson, MN and finishes her title of International Champion!!

Allure Elegance earns a 3-point Major at the Des Moines Kennel Club, Inc. show.

Allure Elegance gets Winners Bitch/Best of Opposite Sex at the, Cedar Rapids Kennel Association Inc. show  

Allure Elegance goes Winners Bitch at the Duluth Kennel Club show.



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