All of our dogs are tested for the prcd-PRA (form of dog blindness, a genetic disease), and puppies will not develop the disease in their life-time. Dogs are also tested for Patellar luxation and found to be normal. We will provide health guarantee on puppies. All of our puppies are AKC registered.


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Tessie is a 10 year old looking for the special FOREVER HOME   where she will be the only pet and would be enjoying a run on the fenced yard. Tessie will be GOING to her new home. The pre-placement visit to a potential home is a must, and thus a new home must be within driving distance: MN, ND, WI or IA. No payment is asked for except spay contract.




¨ Waiting list is open for the white and black litters



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Our 1 year old boy, Sam, is an AKC Champion available to approved pet home in MN only.


Doodles, A—poos or any 'Designer" or cross breeds.

In our belief, conscience, and dedication to the sport of purebred dogs, we cannot be a part of granting breeding rights or a stud service to anyone who is likely to use the dog to create mixed breed puppies, or mutts.

We are interested in upholding the quality of the poodle breed by the standards of the American Kennel Club and the Poodle Club Of America. Until and unless special arrangements are made with us and a written contract is signed granting participation in AKC conformation events and the breeding rights only following finished championship title, all pups will have to be neutered/spayed and only limited registration will be provided.

If You learn that anyone uses a dog obtained from us in any breeding without our explicit written permission, please contact us and also notify local authorities immediately. Contact us